Apple TV 4K vs Nvidia Shield Pro

Apple TV 4K vs Nvidia Shield Pro [Thumbnail image]

Long story short, Apple TV 4k the best* TV-Box ever (*by my opinion)

For someone who will think it’s because you are iPhone liker, I am Android user since 2013 and I did not use iPhone since then.

So here is my story and experience with TVSets start in 1999, when my family got some expensive Philips or LG (don’t remember to be honest) DVD Player with built-in HDD and support Mpeg4 and DivX.

Year by year we got some updates, players become to HDD or LAN local players and finally, my first streaming device was Google Chromecast 1st Gen.

Google Chromecast

Apple TV 4K vs Nvidia Shield Pro 1
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Later I had Chromecast 2nd Gen, which later I gift to my friend, he still uses it 🙂

I also use Amazon Fire TV Stick HD and 4k versions, I use long-time Xiaomi Mi Box 3 4k, but all they have some limitations or streaming glitches.

Nvidia Shield Pro

So in April 2021, I got a most expensive TV Box I ever had, and I think the most of expensive in the market, even more expensive than Apple TV 4K, the Nvidia Shield Pro on Nvidia Tegra X1+ chip. With Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and other cool features, that TVBox sounds like a good deal, but it was not…

Apple TV 4K vs Nvidia Shield Pro 2

I would love to say the remote control with backlight is spectacular, and build quality is superb, but the software had many glitches, starts from Wi-Fi connection, which glitches all the time, even my router was side by side to Nvidia Shield, but wire connection too, and I know you may think, he just had a shitty router… well I test it with my main router TP-Link Deco X60 and my fallback router from Nest, the Google Wi-Fi… And the second issue was on Dolby Vision, its has a glitching screen, even content I watched from Netflix had Dolby Vision, the Shield show me it with blinking screen!!!

To resolve that glitch, I found solution on Reddit, someone offered solution, just turnoff Dolby Vision and stick Nvidia Shield with HDR10… well, it resolves the issue, but if you have ever seen Dolby Vision and compare it with HDR10… well, you may think why I should pay expensive TVBox which promoted as Dolby Vision player, but can’t play Dolby Vision???

Nvidia GeForce Now

Another cool feature of Nvidia Shield was GeForce Now service, which advertise like PS4 killer… I did purchase the same game for PS4 and for Nvidia platform(Steam) to play on remote server…

The game “Paradise Lost” on Nvidia worked with many lacks, and rendering was not good at all, even Nintendo version was much better, and PS4 version was just perfection.

And final problem of Android and Nvidia Shield was, a freezing issue, no idea why but sometimes, Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming apps have been freeze and sometimes just closeup…

After 6 month of torments, I want to try an Apple TV 4K, they just release a new one with new RC and it has all features, I was looking for in Nvidia Shield.

Funny part, I got my Apple TV for half price of Nvidia!

Apple TV 4K 2nd gen

Apple TV 4K vs Nvidia Shield Pro 3

So, I got my Apple TV 4K right before Christmas, and I have plenty of time, to test it and compare them both. In fact, my first opinion was to keep both devices because they both were being great.

And after deep diving to Apple TV I understand, I will never back to Android TV, Amazon Fire TV or Roku TV ever!!!

The Apple TV just works great out of the box, the Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision works without any glitches, like it was on Nvidia Shield. And final word, Apple TV never freeze for me, never!!! The apps work smooth and have excellent integration with the system. Everything on Apple TV just do their job and don’t bother me with glitches or freezes.

Which Apple TV buy, 64gb or 32gb?

You may see numerous videos on YouTube where reviewers, looks like never use it in real world, they all say you can come and buy base 32gb model and enjoy. And they probably are absolutely right, but I got 64gb model, and after 2 months of use I saw a message that’s my storage are full 🙂

And I don’t have any haves on it! But I really love 4k footage for screensavers, and they took a lot on your Apple TV. It’s not a big deal, you may think, but an extra 32gb on your Apple TV will cost you about 4 cups of coffee.

Peace to all, and may the 4th be with you,

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