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  • How to change App Store preferred Language 2022

    Resolve your AppStore language issue on macOS! Despite numerous solutions, I discovered a simple fix for the problem. Change your VPN to UK location, log out of AppStore, force close it, and open again. After logging in, AppStore will switch to English.


  • My favorite CSS hacks

    Discover CSS hacks and shortcuts, including using box-sizing, selection pseudo-class, caret color for input elements, displaying links when an element has no text value, fitting images to content, detecting dark system mode, hiding images on mobile, using CSS vendor prefixes for different browsers, and utilizing Autoprefixer. Learn these tips and improve your CSS coding skills.

  • Detect dark or light system mode

    Learn how to use prefers-color-scheme CSS media feature to detect user color theme preferences. See examples using media query and JavaScript. Also, track color mode with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.

  • Mobile friendly Responsive images with CSS

    Learn how to make responsive images in HTML and CSS. Discover how to prevent images from going outside the container. Find solutions for WordPress and HubSpot.

  • Keep Track UTM parameters for HubSpot forms like Cookie Monster

    Track UTMs and store them using cookies instead of sessionStorage. Use JavaScript Cookie library and add the code to the website footer.

  • Track UTM parameters for HubSpot forms like a BOSS

    Learn how to create and track marketing campaigns by using tracking URLs with HubSpot. Pass UTM parameters to hidden form fields using JavaScript. Store and feed form fields in sessionStorage. Install the code in the site footer of your HubSpot website.


  • WP plugin Elementor Multidomain Support

    A plugin for Elementor Page Builder that adds multi-domain support for Multilanguage websites. Available on WordPress repository and GitHub.

  • How to block visitors by country with the NGINX GeoIP Module (Debian/Ubuntu)

    Block visitors by country using NGINX and the GeoIP module. Install the module and database, configure the nginx.conf file, and test the configuration before restarting nginx. Instructions with examples provided.

  • How remove .DS_Store files from a Git repository?

    Learn how to remove .DS_Store files from your Mac OS X repository. Use commands to find and remove the files. Update .gitignore for future prevention. Check for more configurations.

  • How do I find my Bitly OAuth access token?

    Learn how to sign up for a Bitly account and generate an access token for the Bitly API. Follow these steps to get started.

  • Campaign URL Builder Introducing the Shortcodes

    Introducing the first release of shortcodes for Campaign URL Builder plugin. Shortcodes can be customized with various attributes and can generate forms on the front-end. Bitly API key is required. Shortcodes can be styled and have optional parameters. Examples provided for simple, advanced, and PHP usage.

  • Transitioning Google URL shortener to Bitly

    Campaign URL Builder plugin is moving to Bitly API endpoint; support for URL shortener will be turned down in March 2019. Previously created links will redirect.

  • WP plugin Campaign URL Builder

    Learn how to track Custom Campaigns in Google Analytics with this plugin. Easily create short links and share them on social networks. Get and install the plugin for WordPress from the repository or GitHub. Use the shortcode to generate shortlinks on any page. May the 4th be with you!


  • GitKraken – cross-platform editor for git repos

    GitKraken is a cross-platform git interface written in electron and open libraries, offering merge conflict tools and a task-tracking system. Get a $20Off discount for a one-year subscription.